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What is Investment Management?

Many people find that investing can be challenging and at times tedious. At Charpentier Wealth Strategies, we strive to make investing effortless and stress-free in a way that works for you.

Taking into account your life goals, time horizons, liquidity needs, risk tolerance and tax considerations; we can tailor an Investment Policy Statement to help you address your financial needs and the changing financial markets.

Our Investment Process

Step 1

Together we develop long-term risk tolerance expectations based on your overall plan and investment goals.

Step 2

Collaborating with you, we construct asset allocations designed with your personal investment objectives and tax considerations in mind.

Step 3

We select experienced asset managers with a demonstrated ability to prepare an investment plan for you.

Step 4

We review each element of the program in an effort to ensure that policies are being implemented, managers are adding value, and risk is being controlled.

Step 5

You receive full disclosure through education about risk and through reports of all fees and performance.

Step 6

We will rebalance your portfolio annually and make any necessary money management changes if the situation warrants.

Investment Philosophy

We know that assets aren’t just a financial byword – they’re what real people use to take care of loved ones and live life on their terms. By knowing your goals and what matters to you, Charpentier Wealth Strategies can design portfolios with purpose and perspective. By keeping you at the center of your financial plan, we are able create investment strategies that are unique to you and your lifestyle.

We believe:

  • There is a slew of financial products that can baffle even the most astute financial practitioners. To us, simplicity defeats complexity. If we cannot understand it and/or cannot explain it in a matter that you understand it, then you should not be investing in it. As Warren Buffet once said, “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.”
  • As life evolves, so should your investment plan. We find it critical to reassess your financial plan along the way, incorporating new goals and lifestyle changes.
  • Investment management must take into account a proactive tax strategy, as it is not necessarily what you earn but what you keep.

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