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Our Planning Process

We strive to make the complex simple.

We strive to make the complex simple. Our financial planning process provides comprehensive cross-disciplinary advice, precise execution and high quality personalized service.

The Charpentier Wealth Strategies approach is based on understanding your objectives. We provide fee-based customized financial services to deliver a comprehensive financial plan based on your objectives. Our focus is to help you create the

Step 1 - Engage

Our process begins with a series of questions to determine your financial planning needs and goals. We offer you a complimentary initial consultation with a financial planner to understand your unique situation and demonstrate how we can help you.

Step 2 - Collect

We gather detailed information pertaining to your unique financial situation in order to develop a customized and accurate financial plan as well as clarify your needs and goals.

Step 3 - Analyze

We analyze the data and your unique situation

Step 4 - Design

We develop a customized plan based on your input and our analysis. We take the time to be sure you are comfortable with your plan.

Step 5 - Implement

We coordinate with your other advisors, recommend specific financial products to meet your objectives and then assist you in implementing your customized plan. You decide what you want to implement and when.

Step 6 - Review

We anticipate the need for change and review your plan often, meeting on a quarterly basis and comparing actual results to initial assumptions to determine if your goals and objectives are being reached. We make adjustments if life situations dictate that change is necessary.

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