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Investment Philosophy

As a company, we believe in providing our clients with clarity and solutions that help meet their needs. We believe that long-term relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter.

Conviction in what we do; the courage to get our clients to take action; competency based on continuing education and training; bringing national resources together on a team that will benefit each client; and communication that builds understanding and trust - these are the key qualities of the Lincoln Financial Advisors philosophy of “Serve First, Last and AlwaysSM.” And these are the commitments we make to each of our clients.

We believe:

  • A disciplined investment planning process is critical to long-term investment success.
  • Investment portfolios should be customized to meet the objectives of each client.
  • There are a slew of financial products that can baffle even the most astute financial practitioners. To us, simplicity defeats complexity. If we cannot understand it and/or cannot explain it in a matter that you understand it, then you should not be investing in it. As Warren Buffet once said, “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.”
  • Investments should be diversified across asset classes, markets and strategies.
  • Investment management must take into account a proactive tax strategy, as it is not necessarily what you earn but what you keep.
  • A long-term approach allows us to take advantage of mispriced investments.
  • As life evolves, so should your investment plan. We find it critical to reassess your financial plan along the way, incorporating new goals and lifestyle changes.

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