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Women are Terrible at Delegating, and We Need to Get Over It

Women are Terrible at Delegating, and We Need to Get Over It

January 12, 2022

This blog is all about how busy you are. So, I’m going to get right to the point.

Women today are busier than ever. We run companies, we run households, and we literally just…run. Each day is filled with more tasks than we usually have time to accomplish.

Unfortunately, women are not always the best at delegating. And that means we often shoulder more than we have to.

“…researchers (Akinola, Martin, and Phillips, 2018) ran five studies about perceptions of delegation and actual delegation in men and women. They first found that women do perceive delegation as a more assertive behavior than men. In turn, women connected delegation with negative emotions such as anxiety, guilt for overburdening their employees, and fear of backlash more than men. (I/O At Work)

We Need to Get Over it!

I am a big believer/proponent of delegation.  Know your strengths, stick with them and delegate the rest as much as possible. In fact, if you’ve ever taken a Clifton Strengths Assessment (or any number of personality tests), you’re encouraged to dive deep into your strengths…and then find others who can take care of areas where you’re not as strong.

Letting that stuff go can be a huge relief.

But when it comes to your finances, I know that the “trust” factor is crucial. Money is personal. It can have a lot of emotion tied to it. AND it can be hard to allow someone else to point you in a specific direction.

Finding a financial planner who is not only trustworthy, but that you connect with can be the best outsourcing you ever do. The best financial planners invest endless hours in research, love digging into financial education, and keep up with the latest economic and world trends.

Something that you definitely don’t have time to do.

Here’s how you can benefit from outsourcing financial planning:


In a down market, your financial planner will talk you through the reasons this downturn does or does not affect you.  She knows your personal situation, your confidence and risk tolerance in the markets. She knows if you have suffered losses in the past and how you reacted to those events in your life. If finances are a “trigger” for you and cause you anxiety, you’ll likely benefit from working with a trusted advisor. We are here to “talk you off the ledge” so to speak.


Hiring a financial planner to research, understand, and explain your employer benefits package will provide tremendous value: as the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  

Your benefits package can provide a 40-50% higher value to your total compensation package. Chances are, you are skipping over a benefit because it is too complicated and too hard to understand.  Slow down, take the time to hire a professional who is familiar with the terminology and the language and able to explain everything to you. Bottom line: get the most out of your compensation.


You’ve probably heard financial terms like…

  • The time value of money
  • Compound interest
  • The Rule of 72

…and countless others

The reason these terms are thrown around so much is because the sooner you start a savings and investment plan for yourself, the stronger your financial foundation of life will be.

Your financial planner will create a financial roadmap for you.

She’ll give you deadlines, hold you accountable, and sometimes protect you from yourself.   

Your financial planner can add tremendous value by helping you to get started on your 401(k) at your new job, open a Roth IRA to accumulate tax free funds as part of your portfolio…the list goes on and on.

Bottom Line: Don’t spin your wheels doing something that either isn’t within your comfort zone or that you don’t have time for. Outsource your financial planning with a trusted professional.


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