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Kern Leadership Alliance: Helping the Community Through Faith & Leadership

Kern Leadership Alliance: Helping the Community Through Faith & Leadership

July 08, 2021

I feel like one of the “themes” that’s arisen in 2021 has been renewal. We spent a year living our lives in ways that were nothing like we’ve come to expect and through that experience we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our community.

We’ve learned what we can and cannot do without. We’ve learned what’s truly important to us and are anxious to let go of the rest. And we’ve recognized the people and organizations that we can depend on.

For me, one of those organizations has been the Kern Leadership Alliance. I’m fortunate to live in Bakersfield, CA which is an area that is dedicated to serving its community members. My strength and inspiration for life and work often come from the organizations I’m a part of – and that especially includes KLA.

What is the Kern Leadership Alliance?

KLA believes that “a community’s well-being and prosperity is shaped by those who lead its multiple spheres of influence.” Those seven spheres of influence include:

  1. Art/Media/Entertainment
  2. Business
  3. Church/Faith
  4. Education
  5. Family
  6. Government
  7. Healthcare

This organization believes that the most pressing needs of the Kern County community cannot be solved by one sphere of influence working in isolation; they must work together. And to that end, KLA looks to the priorities of Christ to connect, to pray and serve, to equip leaders, and to advocate for solutions for the most pressing needs of our community.

Moving Forward

Many community organizations are finding themselves “regrouping” now that we’re able to focus on initiatives beyond what we faced during Covid – and the Kern Leadership Alliance is no different.

At a recent meeting, it was decided that it’s time to dig in and really start helping our community anew. Keep in mind that we are not a political group; we are an alliance of community members who want to make a difference by focusing on initiatives such as:

  • Homelessness
  • Public safety
  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Energy and water issues specific to our community

If you’re reading this and this type of advocacy resonates with you, please feel free to reach out to me or check out more information at

The last year has left many of us feeling helpless at times. This is a wonderful opportunity to help members of your community while also making meaningful connections with other leaders in the Kern County community!


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