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Kern County Women Giving Back: Cheri Ezell

Kern County Women Giving Back: Cheri Ezell

June 13, 2022

During the many years I have lived in the Kern County community, it has been a privilege to meet people who make a difference in our area. While some organizations are wonderful about marketing their message and mission, I also know of individuals who quietly make an enormous difference.

Cheri Ezell is one of those people. I met Cheri many years ago through our mutual friend, Kelly Clanton. Cheri worked with me in my business as an organization expert, designing systems for efficient work processes.  I was immediately impressed with her character and kindness and quickly realized what an ally she is for those in need. Here is more about Cheri and her passion for giving back.


Tell us about why philanthropy is so important to you?

Christ asks us to serve others and I was blessed to have parents who modeled service and philanthropy in many ways. It is very important to me to seek ways that I can be of help to others. I find my purpose there and, in turn, I meet many wonderful people and often get to see lives being transformed for the better.

What organizations are near and dear to your heart?

There are many but a few that are near and dear to me are Garden Pathways, CityServe, The Mission at Kern County, and Under His Umbrella

Where do you still see a need in the community?

There are so many needs and more than I am even aware of.  Helping people receive the basics of food, clothing, and shelter are always needed.

How do you recommend people get involved?

There are so many places and areas one can become involved.  I would suggest getting a group of friends and serving together.  There are many events that are one day or even just a morning.  This can also introduce you to the organization and it can lead to more service opportunities.   


Thank you, Cheri, for the many things you do for the Kern County community. Your outreach has made a huge difference to many and we are all the better for knowing you.